Zahra’s Blog – Alif Atelier

It is about all the world’s great traditional and contemporary art, design and cultural heritage from Asia, the Middle East and North Africa (ME.NA.SA Region).

All posts are carefully curated and shared or at times written by Zahra Hassan. Zahra is a visual artist, academic, and consultant. She specialises in the arts of South Asia and the Middle East with a focus on Islamic Art and Design.

Zahra is a painter and is trained in Indian, Mughal and Persian Miniature Painting.


16 Replies to “Zahra’s Blog – Alif Atelier”

  1. very nice work.I really liked your work.I want some guidance from you for my work.I know you are a busy person but i wil lappreciate if you could find sometime to contact me.


    1. Dear Fariha,
      I am really humbled by your gracious comments. I am sorry for the late reply as i am not that slow in replying but due to work load I was unable to follow the Blog mail.
      Let me know how you want me to help you?


  2. being a student of fine arts(bachelors final yr), i really appreciate this attempt to make a compendium of art practices especially on miniatures. has helped through my assignments and beyond.
    cheers from India.


  3. Love reading your articles Zahra jee! They have so much information that I have never come by about miniature painting and related themes. So glad you’re spreading the knowledge!
    Best regards,


  4. Hi Zahra,

    I’m trying to make a project about the influence of Indian and Islamic art on Western art before 1940’s. Most of the information I find online talks a lot about Easter (Japanese art) but lacking on South Asian art and Middle Eastern art. I would love to seek your expertise on this matter.

    Thank you


  5. Thank you for the captions and photos of truck art. It is interesting to me, for as much work and creativity and inspiration as these vehicles display, there seems to be nowhere near as much interest in describing, explaining or featuring all the different techniques that go into these vehicles as there is in just displaying them. I imagine that may have something to do with the reason for the decoration and the interest in the artists and/or drivers to display their ‘secrets’ or craftsmanship? Is this some sort of East and West difference in perception of craft like this? I’m used to expecting people who might put in this much work and creativity, to also want to demonstrate and if not explain, how they did what they did. Apologies if my grammar comes off rude, I am asking from curiosity.

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  6. Dear Zahra! Thank you for this blog. What you post is wonderful. I actually just got back from a long trip to Iran and I am enjoying many of your postings. Thank you again. Kind regards, Kenza.


    1. Dear Kenza,
      I am truly humbled by your positive remarks. I am happy that you enjoy the postings on the blog. You are so fortunate that you have to Iran. I am longing to visit Iran and let’s see when it happens.
      I will be looking at your photos and will send my feedback. Please keep in touch!
      Best regards, Zahra

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